"O meu sonho é ter um penteado como o do Nuno" - (terá dito) Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa "O Zé precisa do Nuno" - José Sá Fernandes durante um sonho molhado "I me Nuno" - Verdadeiro título de canção dos Beatles

terça-feira, abril 13, 2010

Uma banda/músico por dia #741 - Ocean Blue

"There is a light that never goes out", Peace and light (1994)

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: of peninsula morning paper? Does Wei Guan record awl of ticket of Lu of punishment of of Qiu short for Weihe River?
2013-03-26 07:52:28 origin: Peninsula morning paper - sea power network(Dalian)0 people are participated in
To the society, zhuang Duo incident is again of deep feeling of grief remind, remind people these are long below attention the issue that suspends pendency: How to build a kind for professional athlete more the cure of actor and welfare safeguard system, the corrupt practice that how changes existing system is waited a moment.
Qian Jianhui
, the name of how honest romance, the expectation with parents is contrary, zhuang Duo did not blossom happily in warm sunshine, contrary, she what be in 21 years old of beautiful season has begun to bearing the double worry of [url=http://www.stmarysmumbai.com/jordansforsale.aspx]cheap nikes shoes[/url] the body that professional athlete experience brings and heart: Her doubt suffers from because of excessive training went up asthma is ill, she appeals without insurance without the job without the door.
In two years much implore is mixed by shuffle all the time after ignore, zhuang Duo be forced " bright sword " , with exposing to the sun photograph of inside story of a plot browbeats, ask Shaanxi saves sports bureau to be her " occupational disease " responsible. In Zhuang Duo had exploded those who go out " inside story of a plot " in, included a few be like the content that ever was acquainted: Athletic group and coach are the ignore of injury, right to the player the encroachment of athlete interest, retire cheat of athlete lack safeguard, age -- Zhuang Duo the athletic orgnaization of the place falls on this is originality dye-in-the-wood, the elder sister signs up, little sister match, the result of practise fraud is less than taking part in the match the Zhuang Duo of the age took a medal.
Be harmed by athlete experience, zhuang Duo not be a exclusive, we are before this over there a lot of athlete such as power of Sun Yingjie, ability somewhat hear of, the issue that involves and Zhuang Duo be narrated also very much the same, their experience is representing a giant athlete group that is hurt by place of professional athletic sports, the far more than youth that they pay and sweat, include health even, but did not harvest dignity and safeguard.
The look of media and public more habit around move those bright Olympic Gameses and world champion people, they stand in the top of pyramid, be surrounded by the aureola of honor and fortune. Actually, in their back, it is giant rock-bottom athlete group, a lot of moment, they just serve as ambiguous setting and exist.
the reality because of a kind of such cruelty, a few days ago Shanghai sports bureau should give the champion of 3 contests world such as Liu Xiang to offer message of lifelong and free iatrical to just cause so great public anger: So much rock-bottom athlete still lacks safeguard of basic back and belly, why to give those limited natural resources even original already the champion that doesn't back and belly have care people? what the government sector is badly in need of doing is to perfect, be provide timely help?
the characteristic with respect to system, the practice of Shanghai sports bureau is not unusual. Professional sports is just like an automation line that produces medal, to local sports officials, have medal only ability is significant, because medal is representing outstanding achievement, mean the taking of interest of the preferment of position, economy, and those athletes that cannot give result, had lost use value, look from utilitarian angle, not was necessary to give special attention.

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Beacon heart defeats than Sang Pu Renaya advocate handsome weigh invaluable
LafeiniyaIn the match long shot burst open the door of the 54th minute is helpedRenayaWin beacon heart to compare. Zhou San is lateMeaning armourIn filling contest, Sang Pu"Advocate " adversary of the city that be the same as 1-0 beats Renaya, this lets mulberry general bishop drill Dikaerluo feels very angry. Although Renaya is the wonderful long shot that relies on Lafeiniya only,the lock is gotten the better of surely bureau, but they use force in Xiang Sang general all the time in the match, first half hits doorcase with respect to two.

"In heart comparing battle cannot so kick, " Dikaerluo feels malcontent to Sang Pu's expression apparently. "I am very angry. I will be met tomorrow and player people talk, we cannot gratuitious adversary 55 minutes. Before throwing a ball, Renaya is kicked weller than us all the time, this makes me very rusty. Doing [url=http://nikeshoxoutlet.yolasite.com/]cheap nike shox[/url] not have reason can be such. We just just begin to play the football that gives our after throwing a ball, but when be late already. But when be late already..

Renaya the bishop drills Balaerdini thinks no matter be returned to this team fan,this heart compares a victory is team for the rank invaluable. "This victory is right we, for fan and team rank the sense is great. " Balaerdini say. "We are very glad, fan people also be same. Although the word is such, we dominated the game really, but innovation goes so many opportunity to be hit into one ball only however is not too good. My integral expression to team is satisfied still nevertheless. My integral expression to team is satisfied still nevertheless..

At present Renaya accumulates armour of meaning of 32 minutes of ranks the 11st, and Sangpuduoliya accumulates 30 minutes to rank the 13rd.